About Us



Skills Oz supports and assists the construction and property services sector by developing education, and training resources and workforce development solutions. Owned and operated by the industry, we represent and act on behalf of 1.8 million workers from over 365,000 businesses via 42 peak industry member associations and 8,500 stakeholders.

We provide innovative solutions to governments, businesses, employers and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in:

  • Workforce planning and development
  • Project and contract management
  • Workforce planning (equity and diversity, recruitment, retention and career planning)
  • Upskilling of existing workers
  • Workplace health and safety resources (tailored and customised to the workplace and employer specifications)
  • Tailored onsite induction and verification of competency resources
  • Curriculum development and tailored education and training resources for delivery on and off the job.



To facilitate access to world class skills and workforce development for the Australian construction and property services industries.


  • To articulate and advocate for the training, skill and workforce development needs of the construction and property services industries; and
  • To facilitate the delivery of education and training services through the development of strong partnerships and the provision of high quality research and products.


  • Skills Oz is a professionally managed company developing world class products, services and workforce development advice
  • We are always attentive to stakeholder views and responsive to issues
  • We encourage our industries and our staff to be the best that we can and will always go the extra yards to excel
  • Promote the national efficiencies in training and always encourage equality for those needing assistance to participate in Vocational Education and Training
  • Be innovative and welcome change.