Federal, State and Local Government



Skills Oz is owned by, run by and accountable to the construction and property services industry and represents the workforce development needs of 1.8 million workers from 365,000 businesses, via our 42 member based organisations and 8,500 stakeholders.

Due to our broad membership and diverse industry networks, we can facilitate access to industry and bring together the collective issues, ideas and solutions of stakeholders from every level – from developers to contractors and trades.

Our experience gives us the ability to identify, act and respond effectively to changes in the industry and work in collaboration with State and Federal Governments, employers and employees to develop and implement strategy and policy that results in a productive and sustainable workforce for now and the future.


We focus on:

  • Coordinating, planning and leading the construction and property services sectors (collective – whole of industry) response to workforce development issue
  • Growing the construction and property services workforce through attraction, retention, participation and skill development strategies
  • Providing career development services that support individuals to plan and reach employment and career goals
  • Delivering innovative, flexible and responsive services and performance systems that are client centred, of the highest quality and managed in an open, transparent and accountable manner.


Skills Oz can assist and support Federal, State and Local Government with:

  • Applied research – real world industry and business productivity challenges
  • Identification of future growth sectors – design of skills development for new and emerging industries
  • Workforce participation and engagement
  • Sustainability of employment
  • Project and program management
  • Contract management
  • Industry and stakeholder engagement and dissemination of information
  • Policy implementation and linkage to workplace outcomes
  • Facilitation of partnerships between Industry and training systems
  • Probity of contract delivery, risk management and conduct
  • Implementation of strategy and policy to build, attract and retain a skilled and sustainable workforce.